Business School Admission

Business School AdmissionApplying to business school and getting a professional degree such as an MBA is an investment in the growth of one’s career within the business world. An MBA degree has one of the highest returns on your investment, especially if it is awarded by one of the top business schools. For this reason, business school admission is highly competitive. We have prepared an overview of the entire business school application process, with key steps that could increase the chances of your MBA admission.

MBA Application Process

Program Choice

Whether you are aiming for an executive MBA, a full-time MBA or a part-time MBA, choosing the right program for your needs is an important step in making sure your investment will pay off. Consider the choice of what business school to apply to as a purely executive decision. Weigh the benefits and costs of such a program, your likelihood of being admitted, and most importantly make sure you will be investing your time and money in a program that is regarded as valuable within your business field.

The GMAT test

For professionals who have been working in the business world for some years, returning to school and having to take standardized tests can seem quite daunting. However, making sure you familiarize yourself with the GMAT test questions will increase your chance of having a GMAT score that will make you a top candidate for the program of your choice. Dedicate enough time and research, and then practice as much as you can. Make sure your score will be within the top range that your program of choice requires.

MBA Essays

If you have been out of the academic world for awhile, having to write an essay can be quite troublesome. However, in addition to your professional experience highlighted by your resume, your MBA essay is very important as it counts as your business card in writing. It is your presentation about why you are a perfect candidate for the program to which you are applying. Think of it as a written version of a job interview, and translate that into a cohesive, well-organized essay.