Grad Programs

Applying To Grad SchoolWelcome to, your guide to choosing grad school programs, writing those daunting grad school essays, getting the best scores on grad school tests, as well as key information about business and law school admission requirements.

Why Graduate School?

Applying to grad school is an avenue many people take in order to improve their career and financial outlook. According to the US Census Bureau (2002), when it comes to lifelong earnings, “a master’s degree holder tops a bachelor’s degree holder at $2.5 million. Doctoral ($3.4 million) and professional degree holders ($4.4 million) do even better.”

In this sense, a higher degree can provide a higher financial return and thus make your initial time and money investment worthwhile. Of course, the impact of an advanced degree differs across different career fields, and being able to assess the impact of an advanced degree on your desired career field will allow you to make a better decision as to whether grad school would be a good choice for you or not. Applying to grad school is a complex process and knowing exactly how grad school will pay off for your career advancement will help you in put together a strong application.

Grad Programs

Graduate schools offer advanced certificate programs, master’s programs, as well as PhD programs. For certain liberal arts fields, the decision between a master’s degree and a doctorate degree can be quite a tricky one. For most liberal arts fields, doctorate degrees are imperative for individuals seeking careers in the academia. However getting a PhD just to advance in your career (not within an academic field) can be a tricky investment. For each program you apply to, make sure you are informed about the median completion time of a typical PhD candidate. Most of the time it will be around 5-7 years before you have earned your doctorate degree.

For the science and business fields, master’s and professional programs are more common.  Making sure how a specific program is viewed within a particular field is crucial for your investment to pay off in the long run. Here is a great resource for researching grad school programs, rankings and requirements.